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For all those who know of me, I am a writer, I have written a total of three books in so far. I have recently release a second edition of my first fiction novel Alexander Kai: Necromancer, due to be followed soon by Tyson Law: Triton.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Book Review: Fixin' Things

Book name: Fixin' Things

Author/s: Peggy Ullman Bell

Book's blurb:

Battle lines and love lines cross and counter cross to entangle passions and loyalties and strain family ties.
Lovers and fighters alike will find ample fare to delight their reading palate in this no
holds barred tale of human strengths and human weaknesses discovered and let loose at Gettysburg - the American Civil War at its awesome/gruesome best.

ISBN 10: 0595218415

ISBN 13: 978-0595218417

Copyright: Peggy Ullman Bell, 2002

Publisher: Writer's Club Press

link: http://www.amazon.com/Fixin-Things-Novel-Women-Gettysburg/dp/0595218415

REVIEW: will get to this after Sacred Sin

Blessed Be,

Peggy Jay aka Peggy Ullman Bell

Author: FIXIN' THINGS, a novel of women @ Gettysburg ISBN:0595218415

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