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For all those who know of me, I am a writer, I have written a total of three books in so far. I have recently release a second edition of my first fiction novel Alexander Kai: Necromancer, due to be followed soon by Tyson Law: Triton.

Because I didn't really want to clutter my blog page with everything known to man I have created this blog site, where I will review new books from new author's such as myself.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Book Review: The Fight for Golden Dawn

Book name: The Fight for Golden Dawn

Author/s: Jessie Terwilliger

Book's blurb:

Rachel and Steven Kade's two-year-old daughter Danica has been taken by Child Protective Services for what Rachel believes is a mistake. Dani is placed in the care of her Aunt Brooke, Steven's younger sister. In the beginning of the ordeal, Rachel is panic stricken and desperate to get her daughter back, but Steven has other "priorities," including smoking pot with his friends, telling anyone who will listen to his conspiracy theories about anything from aliens to the Freemasons, and he and Brooke's mother who is dying of liver disease in a nursing home after a life of alcoholism.

Brooke attempts to sort through the resentment that she has for her brother while caring for his daughter, but finds it almost impossible to even entertain the idea that the man is even sane and stable enough to be a father in the first place! She soon finds that even Rachel is not as concerned as she first appeared to be in fighting to get her daughter back, as she seems more interested in shopping on her mother's dollar and forgiving Steven for his courtroom outbursts, outrageous antics, and his desertion as a father and husband.

After his mother's passing, Steven delves deeper into insanity, and tries to convince Rachel and Brooke of his belief that Danica is the second coming of Christ and that the Freemasons were the ones behind her detainment. Steven believes that if he doesn't save her they will kill her. Now everyone is headed their separate ways, Steven trying to save Dani from the Freemasons, Brooke trying to protect Dani from her unfit parents, Rachel trying to save her marriage to Steven, meanwhile a shady and deceitful social worker is trying to pull Danica away from everyone she's ever known by placing her with some hopeful adoptive parents.

In this cautionary tale of the fate of a small child, you will find yourself questioning parental rights, and you'll be torn between anger, fear, and sympathy for all who are involved. The Fight for Golden Dawn is a story that will give you a new perspective on foster care and parental rights, and just how much the government should or shouldn't be allowed to intervene in a child's life.

ISBN 10:

ISBN 13: 978-1-4357-1839-5

Copyright: Copyright: © 2008 Jessie Terwilliger Standard Copyright

Publisher: Lulu

link: The link directly to the book is http://www.lulu.com/content/1389042 and the author website is http://jessie-terwilliger.com

REVIEW: I will get to this after Fixin Things by Peggy Ullman

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Book Review: Fixin' Things

Book name: Fixin' Things

Author/s: Peggy Ullman Bell

Book's blurb:

Battle lines and love lines cross and counter cross to entangle passions and loyalties and strain family ties.
Lovers and fighters alike will find ample fare to delight their reading palate in this no
holds barred tale of human strengths and human weaknesses discovered and let loose at Gettysburg - the American Civil War at its awesome/gruesome best.

ISBN 10: 0595218415

ISBN 13: 978-0595218417

Copyright: Peggy Ullman Bell, 2002

Publisher: Writer's Club Press

link: http://www.amazon.com/Fixin-Things-Novel-Women-Gettysburg/dp/0595218415

REVIEW: will get to this after Sacred Sin

Blessed Be,

Peggy Jay aka Peggy Ullman Bell

Author: FIXIN' THINGS, a novel of women @ Gettysburg ISBN:0595218415

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Book Review: The Sacred Sin

Book name: The Sacred Sin

Author/s: Estevan Vega

Book's blurb:

Everyone has a past. One that is inescapable. Jude Foster, an L.A. homicide detective, is on the brink of mental collapse. A year ago, he was left for dead by Morgan Cross, a once-close friend and partner. Now, although forced to undergo mindless psychoanalytical diatribes in order to be reinstated into the department, the world apathetically spins on. When a dead body is found in West Hollywood, an investigation is set in motion and Jude realizes, with the aid of Rachel Cragin, his annoying new interim partner, that the first victim is only the beginning. The markings on the bodies are trails to a more sadistic pattern of evil, one Jude may or may not recognize. But how does someone stop a killer who’s slaying his victims by stealing their souls, without ever touching them? As the time ticks, the countdown begins. They will have one week to uncover the sacred sin…and the darkness that lies within all men.

ISBN 10:1424183065

ISBN 13:978-1424183067

Copyright: 2007

Publisher: PublishAmerica

link: www.estevanvega.com

Review: waiting for pdf so I can do review

Book Review: Flagrant Foul

Book name: Flagrant Foul

Author/s: Bob McDonald

Book's blurb:

Davis Brown just wanted to be a regular college student, covering obscure sports for the school paper and hanging out with his uncle Phil. Then he was named sports editor right before the 2002-03 basketball season, and things got complicated.

ISBN 10: None

ISBN 13: None

Copyright: (c) 2008 By Bob McDonald

Publisher: lulu.com

link: http://www.lulu.com/content/674335 or http://www.flagrantfoul.com


My impression upon this work is something that is descriptive but I can not fully get into, perhaps it was due to the brevity of the preview which I received but the writing in itself was good and because of that I am going to give it


Metha Metharom

Metha's Book Review

Book Review: Love at First Sight?

Book name: Love at First Sight?

Author/s: Anastasia Cassella-Young

Book's blurb:

Do you believe in love at first sight? Author Anastasia Cassella-Young does. Follow Louise in a series of events where she believes that she has found love at first sight and what events befall her during her romance. Louise is an energetic character and gets into trouble without even trying to. Passion and romance is what she finds!

ISBN 10: None

ISBN 13: None

Copyright: © 2008 Anastasia Cassella-Young Standard Copyright License

Publisher: Anastasia Cassella-Young

link: http://www.lulu.com/content/2755265


Love at first sight?

Honest to say romance really is not my cup of tea, it usually give me an uncomfortable feeling inside when I read something of that nature. The feeling was quite persistent actually; perhaps it may be due to the fact that I am a private person at heart. However that is not to say that the story was bad, it is not, it pulls you in much like a TV soap opera does, and it conveys the right kind of feeling. This book is not for me but I do believe it much more suited to someone who is more in tune with romance.


Metha Metharom

Metha’s Book Reviews

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book Review: Legendary Agent

Book name: Legendary Agent

Author/s: Flavio Olcese

Book's blurb:

I am the hunter of those who seek to harm my countrymen in our motherland. As long as I am alive no American will live in fear on their native soil. I am their shield, their guardian and their shelter. I protect the innocent at any cost. I willingly give my life to safeguard the future of my country. I seek no reward, no gratitude and no forgiveness. I live and die in the service of my nation.

On these principles, an agent of a covert American organization, named The Dominion, must work to capture members of several terrorist cells hiding in the United States, while avoiding getting caught himself.

Follow the life of an unnamed spy, with a dozen aliases, through a labyrinth of deceptions and surprises. Get ready to enter The Dominion.

ISBN 10: None

ISBN 13: None

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Self Published (Lulu)

Link for book on sale: http://www.lulu.com/content/2834879


Intriguing and absorbing plotline, the characters are descriptive and involving. Though spy novel is usually not my thing, I am unable to put it down, as each lines kept me wanting more. Though I have yet to finish the entire novel, I can only describe what I have read so far as a masterpiece. This book should be up for sale in retailing bookstores for if placed anywhere else it will not reach its full potential.


Metha Metharom

Metha's Book Review